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Set in the heart of the Monterey Bay, No Volveré follows three loosely interrelated characters, each in markedly different stages of life. The youngest, Mari, is a runaway teen making her way up the California coast by scamming men on dating apps with her best friend, Carol. Yahel, a landfill worker in his mid-30s, desperately tries to reconnect with his 10-year-old son after his recent release from prison while Gregory, his parole officer, nears retirement and divorce simultaneously. Their individual transitions through loss, acceptance, and recovery take place against a common backdrop of working class struggle fueled by Silicon Valley’s massive economic sprawl.

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drew erin adams

director / writer / producer

Drew Erin Adams is a filmmaker, photographer, and composer from Santa Cruz, CA. 

A musician from an early age, Drew spent his youth playing guitar and bass in rock bands, studying classical cello and composition, playing in the Cabrillo College Orchestra, and studying gamelan music with Lou Harrison. He then spent 12 years performing, touring, and recording albums with the ensemble, Zdrastvootie, which has 5 full-length albums on the Holy Mountain and American Grizzly labels. In 2009, he shifted his focus to filmmaking. After working on sets with the Northwest Film Center in Portland, Drew began making his own non-narrative Super 8 and 16mm shorts. In 2012, he co-wrote and directed his first feature film, The Cedars, a neorealist snapshot of Central Californian working-class life (Official selection: Manhattan Film Festival, Santa Cruz Film Festival, 2014). Drew moved to New York in late 2014 to study screenwriting at The New School which led to the screenplay for No Volveré. He now resides in Asheville, NC.

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alex coco


Alex Coco is an LA based filmmaker. In May 2016, he graduated from USC’s Graduate Film program where he was nominated for a Kodak Student Film Award. Currently, he is working as the assistant to the director, Sean Baker, and had the great privilege of working on The Florida Project. While Mr. Baker's next film comes into view, he has turned his sights toward other indie features such as No Volveré.



daniel muchnik

director of photography

Having received his BA in Cinematography in 2011, Daniel went on to photograph his first feature project, The Cedars, with Drew the following year. A lifelong lover of skateboarding and verité street photography, Daniel began to experiment with celluloid in the early 2000s to document the lifestyle. He has photographed and written for several print publications including Thrasher and graduated from Emerson College in 2011 with a BA in Cinematography. Daniel currently lives and works in Long Beach, CA where he shoots and works on music videos, commercials, and narrative films.




Scott Brazieal has been composing and performing various genres of experimental music for over 35 years, having been a central part of numerous recordings on such labels as Cuneiform Records and Recommended Records. He is a graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, studying composition with John Adams, among others. A veteran of several European tours with his own rock group, Cartoon, and later with the acclaimed avant-rock band, 5uu's, he has since settled down these past years finishing a solo album, "Songs from the Empire" and writing the film score, (and co-wrote the screenplay) for the independent film, The Cedars. He is also an ardent baseball fan.



New to the world of film, Alison is a classically trained singer who lives in Santa Cruz and teaches in Silicon Valley. Originally from the mountains of North Carolina, she has fallen in love with the Central Coast and is excited to help get this beautiful, timely story onto the screen!


"Yahel Ramos"

Yahel makes his feature film debut in a lead role with No Volveré. Drew Adams wrote the screenplay for No Volveré with Yahel in mind after being inspired by their collaboration on Drew's first film, The Cedars. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA, Yahel was involved in local theatre companies before recently moving to LA. He has performed with the Jewel Theatre Company and Cabrillo College Theater. Yahel was born into a multi-racial household, his mother is of European and West Indian descent and his father is afro-Panamanian. He is thrilled to be a part of No Volveré and is looking forward to working with Drew Adams again. 





Chopper Bernet started acting in his teens and has never looked back. He has done theatre in cities in Colorado, across the Bay Area and throughout Los Angeles. He has worked in the voice over world for twenty plus years doing animation (Spirit), commercial (Charles Schwab), promo (NBC, MSNBC), long form and industrial. He has been on TV shows, worked on micro budgeted films and massively budgeted films (Terminator 3). He has produced, written, directed and acted in a feature film and numerous shorts. He is theatre trained, film and TV experienced and has the tenacity to deliver.


Keelia McGovern

"Mari Carson"

Keelia McGovern is a producer, singer, writer, and actress who has been acting since the age of 13. She has upcoming appearances on popular TV shows such as NBC’s hit “The Good Place," sang with the Angel City Chorale on “America’s Got Talent," and starred in multiple indie films. She studies with renowned acting coach John Kirby and resides in Hollywood, California with her two siamese cats, Gideon and Tigerlily. Keelia is currently working on producing an original play, which she hopes to premiere in 2019. 





Kaitlyn Jenkins is a native Californian, who is best remembered for her series regular role of Bettina “Boo” Jordan on the ABC Family drama “Bunheads” where she worked alongside Tony Award winner Sutton Foster and stage and television veteran Kelly Bishop. Kaitlyn began pursuing her acting career while she was a sophomore at the Orange County School of the Arts where she graduated in 2010 from the Music and Theatre Conservatory. Since that time, she has starred and co-starred in over 30 independent feature length films, short films, student films, commercials, and web projects and continues to study in Hollywood with famed acting coach John Kirby alongside many seasoned professionals. Ms. Jenkins is also a very accomplished dancer who is trained in all forms of dance but excels in ballet. She has attended summer ballet intensive programs with American Ballet Theatre in New York City and Boston Ballet and was awarded many top honors in the Youth America Grand Prix student ballet competition. She was featured on the cover of Pointe Magazine as a result of the inspiring and unique character that she played on “Bunheads.” In addition to her acting and dancing credits, Kaitlyn also loves to sing and is currently producing her own You Tube video series entitled Dancer’s Music Video Project.




Lexi is a 6-year-old Border Terrier who loves to work. She started obedience training at 6 months old, she competes in agility and Treibball and she loves chasing  waves on the beach.  Lexi is a smart, spunky girl with a heart twice her size and an attitude to match. 

ryon baxter.jpg



Ryon Baxter is an artist from Northern California. After graduating with a BA in Psychology from Sonoma State, he completed the Berkeley Digital Film Institute's immersive program. Green is Gold was his debut feature film.




As an actor, writer, director, producer, and talent manager, Constance guides actors in all facets of the Entertainment Business.  She manages actors and writers, coaches and media trains a very select clientele. From feature films to series regulars, her list of her actors’ credits are long.  In 2017, one of her actors won the SAG Award for “Best Ensemble” and had two films up for Academy Awards. Some of her clients credits include Fences directed by Denzel Washington, Hidden FiguresGoliathKevin Hart’s Guide to Black History, American Horror Story, RootsMy Friend DahmerGame Shakers, Scandal, NCISLaw & Order, Hunger Games, Better Living Through Chemistry with Sam Rockwell, Boardwalk Empire, Sex Tape, Modern Family, The Middle, Hangover, Supernatural, Empire, and Marvel’s Agents of Shield.

She is the CEO of the renown Sterling Studio, and a top pick for private coachings from auditions to character and script preparation. 

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claudia rocha


Claudia Rocha was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and immigrated to Santa Cruz, California at age 6.  She earned a Master of Science in Nursing as a Certified Nurse Midwife and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner from the University of California at San Francisco.  During her time in San Francisco, Claudia deejayed at various venues throughout the Bay Area.  While this is her first acting role, she is excited to be a part of No Volveré.

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